As humans we use paper to communicate ideas, feelings, and information, both personal and professional. We let these fragile reams become vessels for our memory and our experience on earth. I recognize that there is ritual in the way we regard and eventually discard these once pivotal record keepers.

I am primarily interested in a formal manipulation of shape and color. The shapes I create both through collage and sculpture are intended to conjure up ideas in the viewer about what their original state, or purpose might have been while simultaneously invoking a fondness for their experience with them as new beings. They have become abstract totems and snapshots of my own memory and the remains of our collective paper trail. 


I am a mixed media artist who was raised in Massachusetts. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Montserrat College of Art in 2014, I moved to Boston. Since then I have been focused on generating work and participating in some local exhibitions. My work is a blend of pocket sized collages and sculptures.